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republicans now will agree to what's been the obama demand, that some taxes on the rich ought to rise. as they kept counting votes today in florida, washington was counting, 53 days until the fiscal cliff. deep defense cuts and cuts in social service spending. and more ominously, tax hikes on everyone. that could spark a return to recession. says a senator who is bailing out of washington's gridlock. >> anything could serve as a trip wire to igniting another financial crisis. >> reporter: urging president obama to lead to a budget deal that avoids a cliff. after his victory tuesday, he's sure to demand as part of any agreement to cut spending a tax hike on the wealthy, says a top obama aide. >> he talked about it in debates, in speeches, on the need for balanced deficit reduction that included new revenues. and he was reelected by, you
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know, in a significant way. >> reporter: house speaker republican john boehner seemed to signal he gets that. >> we're willing to accept some additional revenues via tax reform. we're willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions. >> reporter: but anti-tax conservatives are jumping in to clarify and warn the speaker not to buckle. >> boehner's position is exactly where it was a year ago, two years ago, four years ago, don't raise taxes, have pro-economic growth policies, and the government will get more revenue, not from higher taxes but from more people working. >> reporter: it sounds like the same old fight. the president hoped the gridlock's been broken by barack obama's reelection. in an associated press exit poll on tuesday, election day, voters nationwide seemed to be buying both parties' arguments about half saying tax the rich more, and about half, and there's yee overlap, let's shrink spending
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and cut spending. the long line some of us suffered on election day in virginia are now called into question. that state's democratic party has asked for an official review. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey has more now on why some people had to wait so long to vote and what's being done about it. >> reporter: hour after hour after hour, as long as five hours at one prince william county polling place, an election day issue in both prince william and parts of fairfax county. a few polling places stayed open until 11:00 p.m. >> just unacceptable. why weren't the proper preparations taken. we knew it was going to be a big turnout. >> reporter: that's democratic party charlie moran. now he's calling on governor bob mcdonald to do a full investigation. he says turnout also reached new highs in 2008, but there weren't
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similar problems then. >> why did it go so poorly this year, and why were these long lines experienced. again, we're going to be a battleground state so ultimately we don't want this to happen again. let's fix it. >> reporter: someone else who wants a fix is republican prince william county board chairman corey stewart. it took him two hours to vote. >> we are going to hear from the board of elections, a full report of what happened, why it took so long, why they weren't really prepared for the massive influx of people who wanted to vote. >> and fairfax county's board chairman is also taking action in view of the long lines at some of the polling places there. in his newsletter going out to citizens today, sharon bull oh va is making recommendations about how to improve the election process. yesterday in richmond, this is what governor bob mcdonnell had to say. even he spent 90 minutes in line. >> is it such a burden on the citizens if they think they're going to face a two-hour wait that they don't show up, or get
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in line and leave? that's bad for democracy. we'll see if there's things we can do with the local registrar. >> reporter: most of the registrars are still busy certifying the election. they can already cite several problems, not enough people stepping up to work the polls, the equipment that needs updated and hurricane sandy cost valuable preparation time. in northern virginia, julie carey, news4. there's more fallout from election day. there's already a lawsuit over the plan to bring a new casino to national harbor in prince george's county. and the votes are still being counted in a race in prince george's. we'll have more on those stories in our second half hour. the election sparked a group on immigration reform. advocates rallied at lafayette park in front of the white house. they said they worked in support of president obama's reelection, now they want support for a comprehensive overhaul of u.s. immigration policy to, in their words, keep families together. >> my family is mixed with undocumented and documented
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people. my sister is a citizen. my grandmother is a permanent resident. my parents and my brother and i are undocumented. we just want to let president obama know we're here, and we're not giving up until our comprehensive immigration reform is reached. >> the advocates say they will also take their fight to capitol hill. they say it's time congress recognizes the growing power of the latino vote. a developing story tonight. pentagon officials confirm an iranian jet fired on a u.s. drone. a spokesman says that drone was 16 nautical miles off the iranian coast. it happened last week while they were conducting routine surveillance. the iranian jet reportedly fired twice. the drone was not hit and returned to its base. a pentagon spokesman said that drone was never in iranian air space. president obama was notified about that incident. tonight commander mark kelly
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said he is done thinking about the man who tried to kill his wife. former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. they faced jared loughner in court today during an emotional sentencing hearing. as jay gray reports now, loughner will spend the rest of his life in prison. >> reporter: as he arrived at the federal courthouse in tucson, jared loughner knew his sentence life in prison with no chance of parole. what he and the world would learn today is that the pain and emotions from that killing spree in january of 2011 are still raw, and at times overwhelming. >> i'm very, very angry, and sick at heart about what you did, and the hurt you have imposed on all of us. >> reporter: often through tears and always focused directly on loughner, survivors shared heart-wrenching stories of that day, loved ones lost and the struggle to move forward. suzy heilman was shot three times. she watched christina taylor green die in her arms.
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with a quivering voice but unshakable resolve she told loughner, quote, i wanted to shake you and scream at you, as if that would matter. i will think of you as dead. this woman whose husband died shielding her from the bullets said you murdered my rolley. i'm so lonesome without him. the target of the attack and so many the base of the tragedy, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords' husband stood at her side, said you tried to create for all of us a world as dark and evil of your own, remember this always, you failed. you have decades upon decades to contemplate what you did. but after today, after this moment, here now, gabby and i are done thinking about you. so many affected will never fully be able to walk away from the tragedy, but today, taking another important step toward recovery. jay gray, nbc news.
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looking at headlines right now. d.c. police arrested a teenager accused of beating an elderly blind woman. 18-year-old tyrone mcelraft is charged with burglary, but more charges could be filed. she was attacked yesterday in northwest d.c. a postal carrier found the victim and called police. she is in a hospital recovering tonight. the man behind the wheel of a deadly bus crash in virginia is facing up to 40 years in prison. today that man was convicted of four counts of involuntary manslaughter. passengers say the driver, kin yiu cheung was weaving in and out of traffic before the bus overturned. all of this happened last may. a state trooper testified that cheung nodded when asked if he fell asleep behind the wheel. the wet, heavy snow that came yesterday snapped trees already weakened by hurricane
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sandy and brought down even more power lines. at one time today, more than 500,000 people were without electricity. most of them have been without power since the hurricane, a week and a half ago. we'll have more on why this storm actually could have been a lot worse in a full report coming up. now coming to a neighborhood near you, and all the rest of us, some more pleasant temperatures. doug kammerer is going to tell us more about that. >> i think we need it, jim. really great pattern change seems to be making its way into the area over the next couple of days. we saw plenty of sunshine across the region today. the winds were still howling today. 51 degrees the temperature right now. winds north-northwest at 17. still gusting over 20 miles per hour. in many areas we saw gusts over 30 today. those winds will continue as that storm system that brought a lot of snow to places in the northeast continues to be off the coast and back into the open waters in the atlantic. for us, clearing skies behind us. and that's going to mean plenty
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of sunshine during the next couple of days. this weekend, looking spectacular. i'll update you on that pattern change and show you what to expect as you're making your way out and about over the next couple of days in just a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. one of the unique things about the nation's capital is the absence of any high-rise buildings. but buildings in the city might be reaching new heights. congress and the district are beginning a new study to determine whether to change a limitation on how tall a building in the district can be. tom sherwood takes a look now at a plan to change a law that's been in effect since the 1890s. >> reporter: the cairo residential building was built in the 1890s. but its height stunned congress and local officials who imposed a height restriction in the city and passed a law in 1910 that still limits city buildings to about ten stories today. now california congressman darrell issa who oversees d.c. affairs is asking the district and federal national capital planning commission to help
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decidetaller buildings could be constructed in the city. at a surprise birthday party wednesday for mayor gray, the head of the council's revenue committee, welcomed the new year's long study but with caution. >> what i want to avoid is a crystal city, where you have the monolithic buildings. >> reporter: he suggested new york avenue could be away from neighborhoods. some citizens in the district worry the iconic skyline would be changed by the higher builds. they stress that residential neighborhoods and the city's extensive monumental core would be protected from larger buildings that could change the character of the city. >> if you built a 20-story building, which is going to impact the air, light, things of that nature, would that have a
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detrimental effect on your quality of life and hence you wouldn't build it. st. elizabeth's, people talk about it all the time. if people do not support the idea, i wouldn't support it either. >> reporter: the study is expected to take about a year. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. coming up on news4 at 6:00, police are asking you to listen up. ♪ crooks left behind a big clue after a robbery in maryland. a teenager crashed in a ravine and was stranded for days. >> i was praying to god to take my life. >> reporter: but this is a survival story. and the driver who repeatedly drove up onto a sidewalk to go around a stopped school bus now has to face her punishment.
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right now down in guatemala, rescuers are trying to find survivors from a massive earthquake. it was a 7.4 quake that hit yesterday off the pacific coast near mexico. more than 50 people are confirmed to have been killed. dozens of others are missing. crews are working nonstop sifting through the rubble. officials in guatemala worry more buildings could collapse which would make rescue even more difficult.
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77 aftershocks were reported in just the first 24 hours. about 700 people now are in shelters. the names of the more than 58,000 people on the vietnam veterans memorial wall here in d.c. are being read out loud right now. the ceremony marks the 30th anniversary of the vietnam veterans wall. the reading the names started yesterday. it will go through saturday night. volunteers began reading before dawn today. they stop for only a few hours at midnight each night. the northeast hit hard again. a snowstorm just a week after hurricane sandy. or superstorm sandy. it knocked power out to thousands of people who just had it turned back on. how much will this storm slow down the recovery from sandy. >> reporter: having to dodge
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debris left over from sandy, this nor'easter was especially miserable on those still suffering through sandy's aftermath. >> having a storm where your power goes out from snow, it's not a big deal usually. but when it's on top of all that's happened already, it makes things really hard. >> reporter: heavy wet snow covered homes along the jersey coast. and clung to weakened trees as well as battered power lines. parts of new york and new jersey that had just had power restored, lost it again overnight. >> my house is black. my kids were all frantic. no heat. it's been crazy. >> reporter: power crews that have been going nonstop for ten days since sandy have even more territory to tackle. >> needless to say, last night complicated things by knocking more customers out of service. we'll get them restored as well. >> reporter: new jersey's governor expects power to be fully restored from both storms by saturday. >> good news is, we have not seen the kind of damage we saw with hurricane sandy and we are
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confident that we'll be able to move forward in our recovery efforts. >> reporter: roads in both states were clear for the morning commute. but the nor'easter did in fact bring gusty winds, rain and snow. fortunately for those still drying out from sandy, though, not the flooding that was forecast. chris clackum, nbc news. those pictures are just miserable. >> we've seen different ones, too. we can never see the same ones twice, there's so many people affected. >> on the other hand, our weather's looking up. >> it is looking up in a very big way. a lot of people are happy about it. others are saying, no, we want to see some snow in our region. that's not what's coming. sunshine will make its way our way. i think we have a very nice weekend in store. we saw the sunshine today. take a look at the flags blowing in the wind. those flags blowing, those winds coming in at 15, 20, even 30 miles an hour during the day.
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you did need the jacket if you were out and about this afternoon towards the capitol. all in all, not bad at all. take a look at the current wind gusts, sitting at 23 miles an hour, 24 down towards pax river, 17 miles per hour in frederick. we're still dealing with the breeze if not the wind. we'll continue to see that for the next few hours. it will continue to die down. that will make things colder. as you look outside right now, wood row wilson bridge over the potomac. 51 degrees the current temperature with the north-northwest winds coming in at 17 miles an hour. we saw a high temperature of 56 degrees. you look at that and you go, that's not too much. but believe it or not, that was the warmest temperature in the last two weeks just about. well before sandy. we're seeing the temperatures in the 50s. 56, a welcome number, and with sunshine. today was not half bad. we're going to see a lot more of the 50s, 60s, and maybe 70s. 46 right now in leesburg. 51 down towards pax river.
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a little bit on the cool side. a lot better than we've been over the past few days. nothing to show you on the radar right now. this is not rain down to the south. we're seeing clear skies. we'll continue to see that. where we're not seeing the clear skies, up to the north. new york, central park, did set a record today, or yesterday for snowfall in the month of november. over four inches of snow fell in new york. and now that storm just down to the south and east. you can see it spinning just off to of the south and east of boss tob. finally starting to get out of our region. as it pulls away, it will take the chilly and windy air associated with it out to sea. we saw sunshine today. that's what we'll see tomorrow. mild weather tomorrow. but then by this weekend, that high pressure sits here and allows warm air to build into the region. this weekend is really rolookin fantastic. we will see a ridge develop, and this is a big pattern change for us, that means mild and warm conditions across our region.
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i do not see us going back to the cold anytime soon. i think we're going to stay rather warm. we will get below average by later next week. we're not talking about any big storms coming anytime soon. once again, we need a little bit of a break. clear skies, breezy and mild. temperatures 47 to 52 degrees. as you make your way through the morning tomorrow, we'll start off a little bit chilly. temperatures 28 to about 36 degrees. windchills could be a little cooler than that. you'll probably need the jackets when you step out. by tomorrow afternoon, finally warmer. a little breezy. temperatures 57 to 61 degrees. that leads us to what i think will be a fantastic weekend. and maybe one of best weekends we've seen in a while. 60 on your friday. of 7 on friday. 72 on sunday. 73 on monday. of course, being veterans day on monday, with a lot of people out of school, out of work, 73, looking good. 61 degrees on tuesday. that frontal boundary will make things cooler again as we go
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back below average coming up on wednesday and thursday. all in all, not too bad. that next storm will bring rain and a chance of a thunderstorm. but that is about it. the next four days looking absolutely beautiful. >> all right. we like the sound of that. the snow can wait as far as i'm concerned. >> i don't need any more. i'm sorry. >> i agree. >> thanks, doug. a u.s. air force pilot is making history right now. major caroline jensen is the first female reservist to fly for the thunder birds. the wisconsin native flew in an air show in south florida over the weekend. her job is to fly just a few inches from the flight leader in diamond formations. major jensen has piloted everything from t-37s to f-16s over the last 17 years. she says she still gets excited every time she gets into the cockpit. she hopes she can inspire girls, even those who don't want to fly. >> whatever your dream is in life, go for it. just pick something, surround yourself with people to help you
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achieve that dream and go for it. >> major jensen's crew chief also happens to be a woman. coming up tonight, a special milestone for twins celebrating more than just their first birthday. >> neighbors are ready to go to court to fight the approval of a new casino moving into their backyard. coming up in sports, the redskins searching for answers during the bye. and the wizards have a late night in boston. plus, snow gets the best of d.c. united matchup against the red bulls.
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the police are looking for some robbers in laurel, maryland, two men they say who walked into a recording studio this morning. they recorded a rap song and then when they were done they robbed the place. >> pat collins explains how police are hoping to track down the suspects. >> reporter: you and i have seen all sorts of security camera video from all sorts of places. this could be the first time the big clue in the case is a rap song. you see, the cops are looking for the guys singing this song. ♪ the song is called "larry hoover." it's dedicated to a famous
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gangster in chicago called king larry. but i'm getting way, way, way ahead of this story. let's go to the scene. laurel, maryland, right near the railroad tracks, lafayette drive. a large warehouse complex. small engine repair. auto body supply. and over here, copycat. it's a recording studio. around 1:00 this morning, two guys go inside copycat to record that "larry hoover" rap song. once that rap song was a wrap, the two singers walk out of the studio, and then out much the building. everybody else inside, they're getting ready to leave, too, when all of a sudden those rappers come back and they have guns, and they order people onto the sofa, and they start demanding things. valuable things. >> what we're looking for is the voice recognition, maybe somebody will recognize their voices or heard this tune or
6:28 pm
know who these fellows are. >> reporter: carlos garcia is the general manager of copycat. he was not at the studio at the time of the robbery. >> we have to make sure protocols are followed. staff that can't follow protocols needs to not be staff anymore. >> reporter: so what's he mean by protocol? well, in order to record here, you're supposed to have an appointment. the rapping robbers just dropped in off thestreet. if you recognize their voice, police want to hear from you. in laurel, i'm pat collins, news4. the. breaking news in virginia. governor bob mcdonnell is ordering state agencies to immediately prepare 4% budget cuts across the board. he cites the upcoming fiscal cliff as it's called that congress and the president must try to avoid. mcdonnell's chief of staff sent a memo to department leaders
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telling them to prepare for cuts. jared loughner will spend the rest of his life in prison. gabrielle giffords and her husband stared loughner in the face today. kelly told loughner they are done thinking about him. loughner avoided the death penalty as part of a plea deal. it may be weeks before we know the winner of the school board race of district 1 in prince george's county. they're still counting ballots. the gazette reports sa brina eps have a slight lead. it comes down to 253 votes. voters in maryland approved referendum 7. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is here to
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tell us why neighbors are suing the governor, among others. tracee? >> reporter: doreen, the folks who have filed this suit are saying they are concerned about a casino coming to their community. they had always been concerned but didn't think there was anything they could do about did after the passage of question 6. they met an attorney who said he had looked at some issues, and maybe they had a lawsuit. we were here first. this is an old established community. >> reporter: when these fort washington residents say not in my backyard, it's as literal as it gets. >> there's the harbor right there. >> when you think about a casino coming here. >> oh, please. >> reporter: this is the view of the national harbor that most folks are familiar with. but this is the other side of all of that. this old community, filled with thousands of homes and people who are worried about what a casino is going to mean for them. >> we don't like it one bit. we're very upset. >> so when the folks who live here found out there was a
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possibility of stopping the expansion of gaming and a new casino in prince george's on a technicali technicality, they filed a civil suit naming the attorney general and martin o'malley among others. >> our community is the host of national harbor. and we were promised that our -- that the residential quality of life would be protected. >> reporter: the two challenging questions is maryland's attorney general's office said the majority of those who voted could pass question 7. the attorney filing the suit said it takes the majority of qualified voters in maryland to pass a constitutional amendment. including those who didn't even show up to vote. >> i think the attorney general is all over the board on this. at the end of this day it comes down to people protecting their community as much as they don't like gaining, what they're really concerned about is a casino in their neighborhood. >> reporter: the thought of a casino, that they weren't expecting, is more than they can bear.
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>> we were made promises, and these promises have been not kept. >> reporter: maryland's election will be certified somewhere around november 16th. that's when the last of absentee ballots will be counted. and that's the period they're hoping to beat theft want to get in before that deadline in hopes of reversing question 7. we'll have to wait and see what happens. maryland's attorney general's office cannot comment on this suit because they have not been served yet. even then, they'll wait until court. tracee wilkins, news4. metro silver line is expected to reduce congestion in tysons corner by getting more cars off the road. that means no parking lots at the new metro stations. the goal is to change the area to a walkable urban community. much of the work right now is on constructing pedestrian bridges that will be connected to the metro stations. that will allow riders to get on the trains from their neighborhoods without crossing
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traffic or driving. >> if you were to add parking, imagine traffic behind you now. and then add all the people coming in to try to get to the parking. that won't work. >> one should be able to catch a metro train at tysons in about a year. two little girls from the dominican republic had a special party in richmond today. maria and teresa were conjoined twins. they were born joined at the lower chest and abdomen. today their family is celebrating with doctors and staff at virginia commonwealth university children's hospital. the staff there successfully separated those twins one year ago. that surgery took nearly three days. now their mom says the girls are going to school. and they are in good health. a d.c. couple is also celebrating a birth. their son was born this week, and he was in a hurry to get here. jackie bensen has his story.
6:34 pm
>> i held my arms underneath. >> reporter: when doctors asked if the baby had hit the ground, the proud father replied, no, it was a touchdown. six-day-old alexi paquin is a tough little fellow. his mother, eight months, three weeks pregnant and counting, described what she called mild labor pains. she called husband tom at work. he drove home, still thinking they had plenty of time based on the birth of their first child, 2-year-old avery seen here with her baby brother. but heather said her labor pains took a sudden, sharp turn. >> all of a sudden things shifted. i knew this baby is coming right now. >> reporter: in one of those family dramas that will be retold for ever, the baby started coming right there on the sidewalk on the 300 block of l street at 3:30 in the afternoon. >> she rested her hands on the car. and she was standing up. i held my arms underneath and the baby fell right into my
6:35 pm
arms. >> heather whom her husband describes as a pretty calm person, pulled out her cell phone. >> i thought we were a spectacle showing up in the ambulance. there was a lot of residents and other people. i think we were surrounded by 20 some people. >> reporter: that patch of sidewalk is now part of his family's history. >> we might take a little stroll off to the sidewalk and i'll show him the spot. and i'm sure he'll have a great story to tell all his friends. >> reporter: heather told us she was in labor with her now 2-year-old daughter for 50 hours. she had hoped that the birth of her son would be much faster. and it was. reporting from southeast washington, jackie bensen, news4. >> oh, my goodness. coming up tonight, a teenager stranded in a ravine with broken bones. we'll report on how his fight for survival came from within. a judge has very harsh words for a driver using a sidewalk to get around a stopped sool bus. how are we looking, doug? >> a little bit of a cool night
6:36 pm
tonight. but not quite as cold over the next few days. as a matter of fact, temperatures going right back up. my forecast coming up in just a minute.
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a dangerous drug that experts say is back on the streets in our area now. the news4 iteam on the case, tisha thompson joins us now with what she's found. >> jim, police and doctors we talked to call it the most dangerous drug out there.
6:39 pm
we're talking about pcp. decades ago people used to buy the powdered form called angel dust. now police say 70 bucks gets you a vial filled with a liquid to make what are called dippers. marijuana and cigarettes dipped into the potent cocktail that includes ether and embalming fluid. >> we believe it is back. it's back a little different than it was. it seems to be stronger now. >> the iteam is going to take you inside the special training room where police learn how to handle people on pcp. it is a new state of the art facility, plus the impact pcp is having on local emergency rooms. find out why doctors are concerned about a new generation experimenting with what they call the most dangerous drug. tonight on news4 at 11:00. >> thanks, tisha. a tennessee man is recovering after being trapped in a ravine for three days. tyler campbell was driving near the alabama state line on saturday night when he fell asleep at the wheel.
6:40 pm
when he woke up, his truck was 30 feet below the road. the crash broke his leg and shoulder. temperatures were below freezing. the 19-year-old tried crawling up the embankment several times but failed. three days later, he finally made it up to the road. a driver spotted him and called for help. campbell's family is relieved and impressed. >> i went as far as i could go. and they said, god, i'm not done yet. it's incredible. i knew it was tough. i didn't know he was that tough. >> tyler's family said he drank rainwater from his truck's headlights to survive. >> wow, that is a tough guy. good for him. what are we looking at today? >> we'll cue the journey song "don't stop believing. "d.c. united gets snowed out against the red bulls. redskins looking for the winning formula during the bye week. the wizards still winless. but making strides in boston. that's all when news4 at 6:00 continues.
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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welcome back, everybody. meteorologist doug kammerer. taking a look out there right now. you'll see the bridge off over the potomac. winds gusting upwards of 23 miles an hour. still a little bit of a chill to the air. we were a lot warmer today than
6:44 pm
we have been. today the warmest day we've seen in almost two weeks. a high of only 56. we're going to get a lot warmer in the next few days. 45 in gaithersburg at the moment. 46 in manassas. right now 49 coming in toward camp spring. windchills are down around 40 degrees right now. so you may need the jacket as you head out. you will not need the umbrellas like you did last night. no rain, no snow, no sleet, nothing mixing in. as a matter of fact, the weather is going to take a little bit of a break over the next couple of days. up towards new york, philadelphia, the jersey shore, they're not going to have to worry about weather the next few days. they can finally start to clean up from sandy, and from the nor'easter that came in yesterday. lows tonight down to 26 in martinsburg, 32 in la plata. we'll see a cold start to your morning by around 6:00, 7:00. with plenty of sunshine, we will warm up nicely into the mid to upper 50s.
6:45 pm
57 in leesburg and martinsburg. i think 60 in washington. 62 degrees down towards fredericksburg. nothing but sunshine. not bad. >> bring it on. thanks, doug. >> sounds good. carol's here and we are talking tonight not football, but fooball. >> they may have some of the best fans everywhere. did you see what happened last night? d.c. united and new york red bulls, semifinal match, rescheduled for tonight. it was postponed after a 45-minute delay last night due to snow. so a cold and stormy trip for an amazing number of dedicated fans. you've got to be a die-hard to wait during a snow delay, right? check out the pictures from last night. the snow was coming down. but they kept shoveling. looks kind of pointless, like trying to keep the house clean with kids. shoveling during a blizzard. but they were determined to make an effort. especially with 700 united fans, staying put. a ten-hour round trip up north.
6:46 pm
not for nothing. the players going into the stands to thank them in person. everyone was bummed that this one did not go off as scheduled. >> a group from pennsylvania, you know? we play in this all the time. it wasn't that bad. i thought, you know, they did a good job and cleared the field. again, it wasn't going to be pretty. this was not going to be a pretty game. but that doesn't mean, you know, you have to cancel a game. >> that's just part of the game. the nature of it. the field, once they shoveled it off, it looked fine. it's going to be a different game. it won't be pretty soccer. but still playable. >> doreen has a brilliant idea, get a gentle plow. >> seeing all those shofvels covering the whole field. >> i like those guys. we ain't scared of no stinkin' snow.
6:47 pm
i like their attitude. >> the pitch is going to be playable tonight. they kick off at 7:30. the first thing you know about the wizards this year is how competitive they are. but then the wizards continue to be the wizards and they find a way to lose. it happened last night in boston. fun game to watch. disappointing at the end. but man, did they give themselves some chances. randy whitman was encouraged by the fire in some of the young guys, including bradley beal who had his best game in the fourth quarter. beal had his best game, 16 points. wizards take a one-point lead. celtics up two. chris singleton, he's trying and throws down a monster jam. tied the game with 9 seconds to play. singleton off the bench with 14 points. going to overtime. under a minute to go. singleton goes up for the shot. celtics take it the other way.
6:48 pm
as you see, the clock is ticking. here comes the dagger by brandon. celtics win 100-94. wizards drop to 0-3. they're discouraged, but they're not done in. >> our starts and finishes are bad. it's real miserable. i guess it's like the end of the game, basically executing on both ends of the floor. i think sometimes our defense lags in the beginning of games. we're kind of sluggish. we play too cool, so to speak. we need to come out aggressive and play hard and try to put them away early more than anything. it's nobody's fault. just us as a unit out there, we have to stick together and fight through the adversity. >> they'll keep fighting back home friday night against the bucks. that time of year, what if the redskins didn't have that josh morgan penalty in week two. what if they curbed a few of
6:49 pm
those league-leading penalty problems. what if garcon wasn't hurt, orakpo, too, for that matter, we most likely would be talking about a play-off spot. guess what, the layers haven't given up hope, especially given the state of the division. the nfc east was over last weekend. redskins have made a few changes, a few adjustments, and they come back and are planning to do it and hope they can play some meaningful football this month, and beyond. it's what they're talking about before they left on this five-day break. >> we are not taking advantage right now. we're off the beat. this is a fairly young team. we'll grow together, learn together. but we're professionals and we're going to try everything in our power to get it done. >> there's a definite opportunity in the nfc. there's an opportunity for the redskins to win the game and put themselves back in the hunt. we'll find out if this team is different and what kind of team it is. any team that's good, finds out in november.
6:50 pm
>> we as players, we understand. we win a few more, we win a few ball games, we're right where we want to be. the way the nfl goes, i mean, you know, you get a couple ball games go your way, especially in november, and you're right in the thick of things. we understand that. >> turn that what-if into what can be. college hoops now, george washington basketball program is getting ready to tip off its 99th season this weekend. they face the youngstown state penguins at 4:00 p.m. saturday afternoon. this marks the second season for the colonials under head coach mike lawnergan. a freshman starting at point guard, he says it feels a lot like his first. >> everywhere i've been, i've usually had a one freshman starter. you usually say you don't want to start a freshman. but this year, if we were
6:51 pm
healthy right now, we would probably start four freshmen. we have at least three. it's almost all new players. it's not the situation you want to be in, an ideal situation. our success could be in large part to what our upper classmen do. they're more important than anybody, really. if we don't want to be 10-20 again. they're definitely capable and they've got to get used to winning. >> tip-off at 4:00 on saturday. update on the national hockey league strike. the nhl and players association back at the bargaining table today. they report the players made two offers during yesterday's negotiating session. and expected a league response today. neither side, though, talking to the media. so we don't know what the status of that is. so far, the nhl has canceled all the games through the end of the month. to be honest, i think the most optimistic sign is they're not talking about what they're talking about. finally we get quiet there. >> optimistic outlooks tonight.
6:52 pm
>> when they were going to the media and airing out their grievances, they're not doing that this week. >> better to talk to each other. the little girl who's leaving all the boys in her dust. >> she is back. look at that. for all your news, be sure to follow news4 online, just search nbc washingt
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
a judge in cleveland had harsh words for a woman who trove her car up onto a sidewalk to get around a stopped school bus. cell phone video caught her driving in front of a building that houses a day care. the bus had been stopped to help a girl in a wheelchair board. the driver pleaded guilty in court yesterday, and the judge ordered her to stand on the corner where it happened while wearing a sign with a warning to others. >> only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus, end of quote. >> the woman also had her driver's license suspended and she had to pay $250 in court fees.
6:56 pm
tonight at 11:00, how suspects were able to make thousands of dollars before getting caught. plus, the news4 iteam looks into the resurgence of a dangerous drug and why it accounts for half of the police involved shootings in one local county. also tonight, several navy s.e.a.l.s disciplined all because of a popular video game. those stories and more at 11:00. final check. if anybody knows how to log off of a twitter account on an ipad, tweet me right now. because doreen sent out two erroneous posts. if you know how to do that, tweet me right now. >> you ain't seen half of what she posted. >> let's show you the next couple of days. it's looking great. don't listen to doreen. there is not eight feet of snow coming. 67 on saturday. 72 on sunday. the weekend looking fantastic. our next storm comes on tuesday. that one will not be big. enjoy the next couple of days.
6:57 pm
>> let that be a lesson to you about controlling access to your stuff online. >> man. >> just trying to educate you. >> they'll cut you off so bad and so quick, you won't know you're bleeding until you're dead. here we go. this is delightful. this is about a 9-year-old girl who is dominating -- look at this kid. the boys in the peewee football in salt lake city. she weighs 60 pounds and she can book. her father posted this video of her online. it looks like one of charlie chaplin things that are sped up. look at her. >> oh, my gosh. >> they can't catch her. there she goes again. she goes around the left side. she goes around the right side. 2,000 yards almost this season this girl has gained. it's her first year on the team. she used to play soccer. >> look at that snap. >> no, you can't tackle me. get your hands off me, boy. look at her go.
6:58 pm
she goes all the way! you go, girl
6:59 pm

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